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My company needs to have some highly technical instructions and specifications translated. Can you d

Yes, we have close to 5000 translators that we can call on appropriately for correct interpretation of the meaning of the source text, and render it precisely in the target language. Among these specialists are engineers, medical and legal professionals, scientists, and people trained in journalism, business, finance, banking, and the arts. At SEMANTIK your work will be translated and edited by professional translators who are also knowledgeable, or even specialists in the subject area.  Approximately, 90% of our translators have advanced degrees and 30% have doctorates.


How much will it cost to translate my website?

In order for us to give you an accurate quotation for the cost of the website translation services, you will need to provide us with the URL. With that information, we can provide you with a detailed proposal specifying the website translation planning, deadline and costs.


Why is terminology management important for translation?

Effective terminology management is the engine of a successful translation process and promotes quality, clarity and consistency in the original (source), which may be extended across translated (target) languages for global consistency. Terminology depends on people not technology.

What is the difference between a certified translation and a normal translation?

A certified translation is one that has been carried out by a translator appointed by either a government or a professional translators' association, depending on the country's legislation. Translations of official documentation usually need to be certified when required for official use - birth, marriage and divorce certificates supplied for passport applications, academic transcripts from overseas universities submitted for university applications, translated documents used in court and Articles of Association that have to be filed in official registries are just some examples of occasions where the translations would need to be certified.

The requirements for certification vary by country and by organisation, so please check with whoever will be receiving the documentation to verify what they require, and we'll be happy to provide the service you need.

Why do you need to see the document to quote?

We need to see the document so that we can give you an accurate quote. The cost of translation depends on a combination of factors including what the subject matter is, how technical the language is, the type of document and the deadline. If we can read over the document it will allow us determine these and give you an accurate quote. It also means we can find you the translator most suited to your job.


How do you ensure that my translation is accurate?

We have a proprietary system that ensures accuracy, precision, and matches the cultural nuances of the target language. Not only does our unique system assure quality and correctness, but we also implement several steps from the beginning of the project to end, to ensure that your translation is totally accurate. Before you see your translation, it will have passed through the hands of several proofreaders, to ensure accuracy and provide you with worry-free service.


Are your translators certified?

Our translators are ATA certified professionals or hold comparable certification in their own native country. They have at least 5-10 years experience translating material of the required expertise, and have a full understanding of the cultures of both the source and the target languages. Simply put, they are the best of the best.

Are there any other services your company offers?

Yes, we are able to provide cultural as well as linguistic adaptation of Websites. This service is important for global marketing on the Internet, and goes beyond straight translation. SEMANTIK  is able to call on the services of highly qualified specialists in linguistic and cultural adaptation for all of the major commercial languages and many of the other less well-known ones.


If I only have a hardcopy of my document, how can I get it to you for a quote?

The best way to send your document is via email. It can also be faxed, but we recommend sending via email whenever possible. You can attach it as a Word document, or scan it and send as a pdf.


What is a secure server?

Secure server refers to the possibility of exchanging data between two computers using an encrypted connection.
SEMANTIK uses two secure servers for two different services:
•    for guaranteeing secure credit card transactions
•    for exchanging confidential documents
Both servers use 128-bit encryption, which is the maximum degree of security possible at the present time.