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The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) announced on Wednesday that it has taken considerable steps toward the Turkish...


It takes little time or effort to spruce up a sentence that includes repetitive-sounding phrases. Here are some examples of minor revisions that eliminate...

A competent translator shows the following...

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For more than 10 years, SEMANTIK has been one of the world’s most respected sources of translation and related language services for Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Azeri, Hebrew, Greek and other regional languages.  Our projects range from the translation of personal documents (certificates, academic transcripts, letters) to very complex multi-language translation of software documentation for simultaneous release in multiple markets.

We often receive e-mails from our customers who whould like to express their appreciation.

Here is a sample of the comments SEMANTIK received.

Excellent project manager

12 November 2011 Saturday

Excellent project manager, excellent translations. Semantik is really good choice.
General Manager

We partner with SEMANTIK on

21 March 2011 Monday

We partner with SEMANTIK on multiple projects and have always found them to be professional and thorough. Their Account Specialists are very helpful and their estimates are both fair and accurate.
Vendor Manager

I like to think of SEMANTIK as my go-to agency

20 October 2010 Wednesday

I like to think of SEMANTIK as my go-to agency when I need something tricky done fast and efficiently ... When a project comes in that's huge, complex or has a ridiculously tight deadline, I call SEMANTIK. I know they can handle anything.
Marketing Manager

Very good range of DTP packages

21 May 2010 Friday

Very good range of DTP packages. Timeliness in delivery is excellent. Quality of DTP is really very good.
DTP Coordinator


Thank you for the beautiful translation

22 February 2010 Monday

Thank you for the beautiful translation of my 37-page academic, sociological essay. I am very glad that I found SEMANTIK Translation Solutions. It was easy and efficient to work with your company. I am also very impressed by the fact that this translation was accomplished in less than four working days! Please convey to the translator my appreciation for the marvelous job translating from English into Turkish this essay on a rather specialized historical topic. I like the translator's suggested title, and I am glad that he or she preserved my writing style and stayed truthful to the nuances of the meaning of the words and sentences. Yet, the essay never 'sounds' translated. I will most certainly use your services again.

Thank you so very much for translating

23 November 2009 Monday

Thank you so very much for translating this difficult text. I simply cannot express how much it meant to me to find your email with the translation. In the future, as I continue my research on this subject, I will contact your service. Your responsiveness and the quality of the translation has spoken volumes about the professionalism of your company.
Project Manager


SEMANTIK is great

12 August 2009 Wednesday

SEMANTIK is great, we use their services for Arabic, Greek and Turkish several times almost on a daily basis and are very impressed with their quality, service, friendliness and overall approach. I look forward to working with them more.
Vendor Manager

I was really surprised and pleased that they

05 May 1999 Wednesday

I was really surprised and pleased that they were able to accommodate a change in our project that, given that it was entirely the fault of my department, drastically changed the scope of the project. They were also very supportive about a couple changes we wanted in the nuance of our translation to best suit our Arabic audience. I really appreciate the excellent customer service; we will continue using SEMANTIK for all of our translations.
Managing Director

Thank you so much for the effort

12 March 1998 Thursday

Thank you so much for the effort and diligence that you and your team put into getting these documents translated into Turkish for us. You went above and beyond what many companies would do to get the project done in a timely manner, given the obstacles we faced.
Managing Director